Add Sermons to Your Self-Hosted Website

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Faithlife Sermons makes it easy to share sermons to your self-hosted website via an embed code, a podcast feed, or a WordPress plugin.

Locate the Share Menu

Before you can share your sermons, you'll need to locate the share menu for your church group. From, select the Settings icon.

Locate your church group and select the group’s name. 

Select Embed to view the share menu.

A sharing menu displays, providing three sharing methods: Embed, Podcast, WordPress.


Option 1: Share via Embed

If you use a website solution other than WordPress, Faithlife Sermons provides a generic Embed code so you can share your sermons on your website. Before you copy the embed code for use in your website, configure it to your needs. A preview displays below so you can visualize what how the embedded code will look.

To make your embedded code mobile-friendly, select Make responsive (dynamically scale iframe).

When you’re happy with your configuration, copy the code for use in your website. As you add new sermons to Faithlife Sermons, your website will update automatically.


Option 2: Share via Podcast (audio only)

Faithlife Sermons auto-generates a working RSS feed which you can subscribe to in any podcast player. To distribute the link on your website, copy the URL and share it on your website.

You may want to add a podcast image before sharing your RSS link. You can do this from the settings menu in Faithlife Sermons. Most podcast directories ask for a contact email as part of the feed to display to users, so you may want to provide an email as well.

To make your podcast findable without your specific RSS link, you can register with various podcast directories, like Apple, Stitcher, and Google Play. This will ensure users can find your church’s sermons without needing to know your RSS feed URL.

For more help with Podcasts in Faithlife Sermons, see the Podcasting Sermon Recording help article. For directions on adding your RSS feed to a directory, consult with the provider’s support articles: Apple, Stitcher, and Google Play.


Option 3: Share via WordPress

If your self-hosted site is a WordPress site, you can download and install the Faithlife Sermons WordPress plugin. Follow the steps for installation and usage listed on the share screen below. Be sure to substitute your Account ID number for the sample ID listed below.

For more help installing the WordPress plugin, click here.

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