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If your church website uses WordPress, you can add sermons from Faithlife Sermons by installing the Soundfaith Sermon Wordpress plugin.


Note: This solution uses a third party Wordpress plugin. For more information or support using the plugin, visit its page on Wordpress.org.

Step 1: Locate the Embed Menu

Start at sermons.faithlife.com.

1. Select the settings icon.

2. Locate and select your church group’s name.

3. Click Embed.

4. A sharing menu displays. Select the WordPress tab.

Step 2: Install the WordPress Plugin

Follow the steps for installation listed on the share screen. For a more detailed walkthrough, follow the steps below.

1. Download the Plugin.

2. Select Plugins in the left-hand sidebar of your WordPress admin page and click Add New.

3. Click Upload Plugin.

4. Choose the ZIP file you downloaded in step 1, and click Install Now.

5. Click Activate Plugin

Step 3: Use the WordPress Plugin

Follow the steps for usage listed on the share screen. For a more detailed walkthrough, follow the steps below.

1. Click SoundFaith on the left sidebar of the WordPress admin page.

This sidebar option will appear after you activate the plugin. 

2. Copy the Account ID listed under the WordPress tab in your group’s embed screen.

Follow the steps at the beginning of this article to find your group’s share sheet. Paste it into the Account ID field under Default Settings. Click Save Changes.

3. Configure the plugin under Shortcut Generator.

You can adjust the width or height by changing the numbers in the given fields. You can also show or hide your sermon playlist. If you choose to show your playlist, you can toggle on or off the speaker name, series title, and date.

4. Under Shortcode Generator, click Generate.

A widget appears displaying the default settings.

5. Click Copy Shortcode to place the shortcode on your clipboard.

6. Paste the shortcode into the visual editor on any of your WordPress pages or posts.

When you publish your page, the plugin will display your sermons. As you add more sermons on Faithlife Sermons, it will update automatically.




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