Edit Existing Sermons

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You can edit an existing sermon any time on Faithlife Sermons and your changes will display on your website and anywhere else your sermon is published.


1. Select My Sermons


2. Locate a sermon and select Edit

Find the sermon you’d like to edit, select it to navigate to the sermon’s landing page. Select Edit in the top right-hand corner of the webpage.


3. Make any necessary edits

You can edit anything about your sermon, including metadata, images, and transcripts.


Edit the cover image


To change the cover image, select Change cover image, upload a new photo, and click Save.


Edit audio or video files

You can add audio and video files by selecting Add Files. To remove a file, select the X associated with it.  


Edit metadata

While editing, you can add or remove any metadata associated with your sermon. Remember, the more information you provide, the easier it will be for people to locate your sermon.



As you add Bible passages and biblical topics, Faithlife Sermons will help you select existing passages and themes respectively. This process helps standardize phrasing and capitalization, which ensures all sermons related to these passages and themes are easily searchable. 

Tags are searchable words not associated with Biblical passages or themes. To add multiple tags, include commas between each tag.


Edit the sermon transcript

If your sermon does not include a transcript, you can add one. To edit an existing sermon transcript, click Edit transcript.


Note: If you imported a sermon text from a document or from the Logos Sermon Editor, you cannot edit the transcript in Faithlife Sermons. You will need to upload a new version of your transcript or make changes in the Logos Sermon Editor and reimport to make changes to the transcript.


When you've finished editing the transcript, click Done.


4. Click Save

When you’re happy with your changes, click Save. Your changes will propagate everywhere you’ve posted your sermon.

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