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When listening to sermons, you may want to follow a church on to stay informed about their ministry. You can navigate to their church group from any sermon page on Faithlife Sermons.

1. Locate a sermon.

Begin by finding a sermon from a church you’d like to follow. Click on the church’s name—in this case, “Sample Church.”




2. Click on the church’s name.

Faithlife Sermons will bring you to the church’s sermon page, which houses all the sermons published by the church. Selecting the church’s name will bring you to their church group.




3. Follow the church group.

Once redirected to, you can follow the group by clicking Follow at the top of the group’s newsfeed.




As a follower, you can interact with the group’s news feed—including posted sermons. You can also view the calendar and connect to group prayer lists, documents, and community notes.

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