Import External Calendars

If your church already uses an external calendar, you can connect it to your Faithlife group’s calendar from the group’s settings. As you update your external calendar, all future changes will populate to your Faithlife group. Any service that links in with your group calendar—like Faithlife Proclaim or Faithlife Sites—will always display your most up-to-date information. 


1. Click Group Settings in the left-hand sidebar.

An administrator or moderator can locate the group settings in the Admin side panel under Settings




2. Select the Calendar tab.




3. Add the URL of an external calendar (ICS format) and click Import.




Note: For specific steps on importing a Google Calendar, see the steps listed below.


The title of your newly imported calendar will be listed above the entry field (e.g., “”). All the externally-created events will display as part of your Faithlife calendar.  


Selecting the more options menu provides an indication of the most recent update and also allows you to remove the calendar.




Note: The import process includes a delay, so your events may not populate immediately.


Import a Google Calendar

For help importing from Google Calendar, follow the these steps.


1. Navigate to


2. Hover over your desired calendar and click the more options menu.




3. Click Settings and sharing.




4. Scroll down to Access permissions, check Make available to public.




5. Select Get shareable link, copy the link, and paste it into the external calendars input box in your group’s settings.




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