Upload a Video and View it on Faithlife TV

Faithlife makes it easy to upload and share videos with your church.


Upload Your Video


1. Log in to Faithlife.com and navigate to your church group. Click Files in the left Community sidebar under Content.




2. Drag-and-drop a video file into the main window of your Faithlife Files vault, or click Upload and use the dialog box to select and upload your file.




3. Once your file is uploaded, you will see a notification that the system is processing the file. Your video will become available as soon as the system finished processing.




4. You can edit the metadata of the file you’ve uploaded by clicking on the menu image-3.jpeg icon at the lower right of the file’s thumbnail.


You can change the video title by clicking in the title field, as well as provide an author, description, tags, and more. Faithlife Files will automatically save any changes that you make.




Note: Faithlife TV will only display videos with a status of n/a or Published. If you set the view rights to Public, anyone with the link can view the video. 


Find your church’s video in Faithlife TV

Every member of your church group can use Faithlife TV to view videos you upload to your group’s file vault. 


To find your church’s videos using Faithlife TV:


1. Open Faithlife TV on your TV, mobile device, or navigate to FaithlifeTV.com and sign in.


2. To search for a specific video, enter the title in the search box.


3. To view all of the videos uploaded by your church, click Browse.




4. Select your church group from the drop-down list that appears. All the videos that have been uploaded to your church group will appear.




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