Configure Group Settings and Permissions

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Group admins and moderators can configure group settings and permissions from the group settings page.



To get started, select Group Settings in the left-hand admin panel under Settings.


The settings on this page are organized under five collapsible headings. Click any of these headings to expand and access the settings they contain.

Click Save Settings when once you're done to secure your changes.


Note: If you use other Faithlife services (e.g., Faithlife Sites, Proclaim, etc.), adjusting many of these settings will update across any service connected to your group.


Group Info

The first section, Group Info, holds your group's basic information.


  • Type: The type of organization your group identifies as. Each type has default settings to help customize the experience for your group.
  • Group name: This is your official, unique group name. No other Faithlife group can share this exact name.
  • Nickname: This is the shortened name or abbreviation for the group.
  • Group URL: This is your group's unique url (what follows To customize your group url, select the text in the input box and insert your own text (spaces not allowed).
  • Tagline: This provides a short description of the group that will appear under the group’s name on the group’s homepage (and on your Faithlife Site's homepage).

Note: Recommended image sizes are as follows: Group photo: 500x500px (minimum: 200x200px); Group header: 2560x500px; Group post: 1200x628px.


Contact Info

Contact Info holds your group's contact information so people can connect with your church.


Did you know? If you have a Faithlife Site, your site will automatically integrate these links in your site’s footer as social media icons.


About Your Group

In the About Your Group section, you can change your physical address, group description, and privacy level.


  • Location: This indicates your physical address. For groups that have a primary location (such as a church group), use the full street address. Otherwise, a city is often adequate.
  • About: Your group's about page will display the description you provide.
  • Privacy Level: This setting controls how visible your group is to those who have not yet joined. In Faithlife terminology, a follower is anyone with a Faithlife account that has read-only access to your group while a member is someone you accept into the group. You can set specific permissions for each element of your Faithlife group below.


Group Permissions

You have fine-tune control over the permissions for every aspect of your group: GeneralNews FeedCalendarFilesLogos DocumentsReading PlansPrayer ListsCommunity Notes, and Newsletters and Bulletins. 

To change the permission levels for any setting, move the slider.

  • Admin: Full control over the group
  • Moderators: Those tasked with helping the administrator manage the group
  • Members: Regular members of the group
  • Followers: Anyone on Faithlife who chooses to follow your group
  • Public: Anyone online


Note: Certain actions, such as “manage members,” are restricted so you cannot inadvertently extend this privilege too far. Others are more flexible. For instance, “Post to news feed” is a privilege that you may extend to the “Public” level, which means anyone can post to the group feed, even if they aren't a group follower or member.



To add a widget to your sidebar, drag it from the left column (Widget list) to the middle column (Active). A live preview shows your changes in real time.


Remember: You must click Save Settings to secure any changes you make to your group's settings or permissions.

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