Configure Group Settings and Permissions

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Group admins and moderators can configure group settings and permissions from their group settings page on


To get started, select Group Settings in the left-hand admin panel under Settings.




The settings on this page are organized under four collapsible headings. Click any of these headings to expand and access the settings in that section.


If you use Faithlife Sites, adjusting many of these settings will affect what appears on your church’s website as well as your Faithlife group page.


Group Info


  • Nickname is a shortened name or abbreviation for the group. This is how the group will be displayed to members. For example, “BBC” or “Pearson Greek 302”.
  • Tagline provides a short description of the group that will appear under the group’s name on the group’s homepage. If the group has a Faithlife Site, it will also appear on the website homepage.


Contact Info



  • The “Email” and “Phone” is a place to provide an organizer’s contact information that will appear on the group homepage.
  • The “Facebook,” “Twitter,” and “Instagram” fields allow you to save a link to relevant group pages on those social networks.


Did you know? If you have a Faithlife Site, your site will automatically integrate these links in your site’s footer as social media icons.


About Your Group



  • “Location” is for a physical address. For groups that have a primary location (such as a church group), use the full street address. Otherwise, a city is often adequate. Keep in mind that if you have built a website using Faithlife Sites, this address will be used as the basis for the automatic map module on your group’s Faithlife Site.
  • The “About” box allows you to supply text that will show up on the group’s about page.
  • “Privacy level” controls how your group appears in searches within Faithlife groups.


Group Permissions




The Group Permissions settings allow you to finely adjust the privileges granted to admins, moderators, members, followers, and other Faithlife Groups users. This gives you fine-grained control over which actions are available--or not available--as users interact with your group.



  • Admin: Full control over the group
  • Moderators: Those tasked with helping the administrator manage the group
  • Members: Regular members of the group
  • Followers: Anyone on Faithlife who chooses to follow your group
  • Public: Anyone


Note: Certain actions, such as “manage members,” are restricted so that you cannot inadvertently extend this privilege too far. Others are more flexible. For instance, “Post to news feed” is a privilege that you may extend to the “Public” level if you like, which would mean that anyone could post to the group feed, even if they weren’t a group follower or member. 


Group Cover Photo

To change your group's cover photo:

  1. Navigate to your group's page on
  2. Click the camera icon in the upper right of the page.


  1. Select the image you want to use. For more information about using images in the Faithlife platform, click here.
  2. A dialog will appear prompting you to crop your image to the cover photo specifications. Click and drag the cropping box to the desired area.


  1. Click Crop. Your cropped selection will appear as the cover image for your group.

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