Using Paperless Hymnal with Proclaim

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Paperless Hymnal takes sheet music for popular hymns and puts them in a PowerPoint to use during your church services. Now, you can use your Paperless Hymnal in Proclaim.


Note: If you’re using a Mac, go to Settings > General and deselect “Use Keynote to import PowerPoint” for best results. If you import Powerpoint or Keynote files regularly, remember to come back and select it again.


First, click Media > Import Media, then click Song lyrics.... Choose to import your Powerpoint or Keynote as images.




Navigate to and select the PowerPoint presentation. Click Open. Proclaim will open Powerpoint or Keynote and extract the sheet music as images.




Review your lyrics, then click Import All.


Proclaim will upload your sheet music and create a series for each song in the Media Browser.


Search for your song like you would search for other media, then select one of the items in your song series. Click Add Series to add it to your presentation. If you don't Add Series, only the image you selected will be added to your presentation.




Drag the images around in your Order of Service to change the verse order.

For ease of use, select all the items in your song, then right-click > Group and rename the group to your song title. This will make it easier to keep track of where you are in the service and save your song for later reuse by selecting Add Item > Reuse Item.

Note: Due to the wide variety of forms Powerpoint presentations can take, there may be some issues with importing. If you run into trouble, consider importing your songs from a Windows machine with Powerpoint installed.


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