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You can add events to your Faithlife Calendar from the Calendar tab in your group.

If you're already using an external calendar, you can import that calendar to your group so any changes on the external calendar will populate to your group's calendar.

Create a Basic Event

1. Select Calendar in the left navigation menu.

2. Click New event in the top right-hand corner of the webpage.


3. Add the event as yourself or as group to indicate who created the event.


Note: The publicity of your calendar displays above your event (e.g., “To: Public via Sample Church” above). An administrator can change the publicity of the calendar from the group’s settings.

  • To: Public via Your Group—anyone with a account can see your events if they view the group’s calendar.
  • To: Followers of Your Group—anyone who follows your group can see your events if they view the group’s calendar.
  • To: Members of Your Group—anyone who is a member of your group can see your events if they view the group’s calendar.

4. Add your event’s details. 


Note: You can add the details as a normal sentence and your calendar will parse the language for you. For example, type “Church Picnic 1–4pm next Sunday at the Community Park. Please RSVP and bring a side dish” in the Title field and your calendar will add the event details for you. You can set up an RSVP by following the instructions below.


5. Select the Event Type.

Setting event types helps you organize your calendar. If you’re wanting to create subgroup-specific events, add them to the subgroup’s calendar and anyone in the subgroup will see all available events.


Example: If you need to add an event that only applies to your small group, navigate to your small group subgroup and add the event to the subgroup’s calendar. When members of your small group view the main church calendar, small group events will also display for them.

6. Click Create.

The event will post to your calendar and your group’s newsfeed. You will be directed to an event page with all of your event’s details. Click the camera icon to add an image for your event (minimum width: 600px).


If you have a Faithlife Site, the event will auto-publish to your site as well.


Additional Event Options

Faithlife calendar events can include several additional advanced options: repeat schedules, setup/teardown, resource reservation, RSVPs, and promotions.


Repeat Events

If an event repeats, you can set any repeat option when creating the event.

1. Check Repeat.


2. Select from the repeat schedule options or create your own.


A live readout next to the repeat check will indicate your chosen option.

Custom options can be configured in a variety of ways. For example, every other week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.


3. Set a repeat end.


Any future events will display below to give you immediate feedback.


Needs setup / teardown

If an event requires setup or teardown, check the option to set times for each.


Marking a setup/tear down time will ensure any resources you select for the event will be available during setup and tear down.


Reserve resources

You can reserve resources from the dropdown menu. If you need a resource that is not yet in your system, click + Add another resource. You can manage all your resources by clicking Facilities/Resources in the left-hand Admin navigation panel.


After selecting a resource, select the quantity you’d like to reserve.


Add a note if applicable by clicking Add note and entering text.



To add RSVP to your event, move the slider to Yes.


Check Disable RSVP after to set a final RSVP date. Check Allow guests to let those attending indicate how many guests they will bring.

When the event posts, it will include an RSVP selector.


As attendees click Going, they will have the opportunity to add total guests attending.


Selecting the event will show those who have RSVP'd. If you are an admin or a moderator, you will also see a total count.


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