How to Rate an Asset

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You can rate assets in Faithlife Files to help you further organize your files.


Add Ratings


1. Select a file to rate.


To select multiple files, hold the Cmd (Mac) or Ctrl (PC) keyboard button and select all files.


2. Select a rating.


If you are viewing an asset’s details, the rating will display just below the title.



If you are viewing an asset’s details in the preview panel, the rating will display in the right-hand panel.



Your ratings are not visible to other users, though anyone viewing an asset can see the asset’s average rating, and how many other users have rated it.


Search by Ratings

Rating assets makes it easy to view all equally-rated assets, regardless of where they live in Faithlife Files. You can search for ratings by typing Rating: in the search bar and then providing a number (1–5) without a space.




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