How to Use Filters

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Filters allow you to quickly find files that match a set of selected categories in the left-hand panel.


Understanding Filters

As you add files, Faithlife Files organizes them using several predefined categories.



  • Favorites: gathers any assets you’ve manually marked with the heart icon
  • My Assets: gathers any assets you’ve personally uploaded
  • Deleted: shows any assets deleted from your vault by any member
  • Tags: displays assets by associated user-added tags
  • Kind: groups files by type
  • Status: shows files marked with a draft, published, or retired status
  • Family: contains a pre-defined set of metadata fields
  • Uploader: shows files by the uploader


Using Filters

Selecting any filter from the left sidebar narrows the displayed results by the selected filter. The readout above your files will show the added filter(s). For instance, if you select everything from a certain uploader, only files uploaded by that person will display.


You can further narrow the results by selecting another filter.


Add as many filters as needed to locate your desired file.


To remove any filter, click the cancel icon associated with that filter. In this case, removing the Image filter shows several additional results.


You can continue to add and remove filters until you locate your file.


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