Setting Asset-Level Permissions

Faithlife Files makes it easy to adjust permissions for each asset from the asset’s detail page.


1. Select the View asset detail icon. 




2. Scroll down to locate the asset-level permissions.




3. Adjust the permissions for both View and Edit.  


  • Admins: Only admins of this group will be able to view/edit the asset
  • Moderators: Only moderators of this group will be able to view/edit the asset
  • Members: Only members of this group will be able to view/edit the asset
  • Followers: Only followers of this group will be able to view/edit the asset
  • Public: Anyone will be able to view the asset


Note that Faithlife Files will indicate the group-level permissions, e.g., Members (Default). For more information on setting group-level permissions, click here.


Use Default Setting


When you change the permission of an asset, you are also unlinking the asset from the default permission for the group. The asset-level permission will override the default unless you reinstate the default permission by clicking the Use Default link that now appears.





If the default setting for your group is Members and you change a specific asset's permissions to Followers, you’ve unlinked that asset from your group-level setting. Even if you return the permission setting for the asset back to Members, it does not re-create a link to the group default (note the Use Default link still remains).




To reconnect this asset's permissions to the group default, you must click Use Default. A parenthetical “Default” will return, indicating this asset's permissions are once again linked to the group’s default.



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