Delete or Undelete a Sermon

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You can delete a sermon from displaying publicly from the sermon's edit page. Deleted sermons will also not display in search results. To reinstate a deleted sermon, view the deleted sermon and select Undelete. 


Delete a Sermon

You can delete a sermon from the sermon’s edit page.


1. Navigate to Faithlife Sermons

2. Locate your sermon.

You can find all your uploaded sermons by clicking My Sermons.



If necessary, adjust the filters to narrow your results. Select the sermon you’d like to delete.



3. Click Edit and Delete to remove the sermon.

Click Edit and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click Delete.



Faithlife Sermons will confirm the deletion and then remove it from any public-facing pages.


Note: Deleting the sermon from Faithlife Sermons will not remove it from your Faithlife Proclaim presentation, it will only retract the publication of the sermon.


Undelete a Sermon

You can undelete a sermon from the sermon’s edit page.

Locate your deleted sermon by navigating to My Sermons and changing the show menu to Deleted.



Select the sermon you want to undelete. A banner will appear at the top of your screen. Select Undelete to restore the sermon.


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