Start Collecting Gifts

Once you activate your Giving account, you’re ready to start accepting gifts. Faithlife Giving provides a range of ways donors can give to your organization: via, a Faithlife Site, any non-Faithlife site, a direct link, or via text.

When you activate Faithlife Giving, a Give button is added to your church’s page on Donors can click this button to access the giving form.


A Faithlife Sites website

If your church website is built using Faithlife Sites, a draft Give page is automatically added to your website. You can customize this page as you would any other page built on Faithlife Sites. Once the page is live, donors can navigate to this page to access the embedding giving form.


A non-Faithlife website

You can add the giving form to your church website by adding a script and html.

  1. Navigate to your church’s Finance Team on

  2. In the Admin panel, click Share/Embed.

  3. Copy the code to your website

  4. Copy the script tag into your site.

  5. Copy and paste the code for the Give button where you would like it to appear.


Note: Our customer success team is happy to address any questions you have about adding Faithlife Giving to your church’s website. You can contact them via the chat widget on this page, by calling 888-0751-6467, or by emailing


Direct Link

You can share a direct link to the giving form for you church. To do so, 

  1. Navigate to your church’s finance team on

  2. In the Admin panel, click Share/Embed.

  3. Copy the URL from the Share it with anyone box.



Text to give 

  1. Navigate to your Finance Team on

  2. Under the Admin section on the left, click Account.

  3. Scroll down until you see the Text to Give section. Click Get a phone number.

  4. Select a phone number from the list of available options.

  5. After you select a phone number, the Text to Give section of your account settings will display instructions for giving via text.

Note: for more information on text to give, see this article.

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