Admin Stewardship Dashboard

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The Admin Stewardship Dashboard provides quick access to your church’s giving data for your church’s Finance Team.

To locate your Finance Team, navigate to your church group on and click Finances in the Admin panel. 

Your Finance Team's admin panel contains six menu options.





The overview page provides a quick summary of  the number of gifts, and total and average amounts for a given period of time.



The gifts page lists every gift received during a given time period. You can view the giver, date of the gift, gift status, and amount of each gift. To see more details about a particular gift, click on it. 

Manually Add a Gift

You can manually add a gift (e.g. cash or a check) by clicking the Add button. This opens a dialog allowing you to enter all the relevant information about that gift. 

Faithlife marks gifts added manually with the status “Manual.”

Export Gifts

You can export the gifts report by clicking the Export button. This generates a .csv file containing all the displayed gift information.



The givers page allows you to view and manage all of your donors. Donors are listed by You can also use the search box to  search for an individual. Click on an individual to find their gifts, view their statements, or to view their giving trends.



The deposits page provides information about gifts that have successfully been processed and deposited into your account. Often a single deposit will include multiple gifts.



The share/embed page provides you everything you need to send a link to give, or to embed a link to give on your web page.

  • Use the Share URL to direct anyone to a page where that can make a donation.
  • Copy and paste the script tag and button html code to add a giving button to your church website. If you need help doing this, please contact us.



The account page allows you to view account information, customize giver receipts, and manage funds and campaigns. 

  • Account information is derived from your church’s profile as well as information you provided when you activated Giving. You can change basic information in your church’s profile, which you can locate from your main church group’s admin panel. To change financial information, contact your support representative at Faithlife.
  • Text to give: Pick a phone number and start accepting gifts via text message.
  • Giver Covered Fees: Check the box to allow givers to cover the fees associated with their gift.
  • Giver Receipts: Designate what email address is provided as the contact email. To change the associated contact email, click the edit arrow


  • In the Funds section, you can create, edit, and deactivate funds. To modify a fund, click the menu icon and select Edit. Deactivating a fund removes it from the list of funds available to donors. You can reactivate Inactive Funds using the more options menu associated with the inactive fund.


  • Campaigns: Allows you to associate goals, start and end dates with a fund.
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