Change Your Payment Method

If you have a Faithlife account, Faithlife will securely save your payment information when you give. You can add, remove, or update your payment methods using the giving dashboard located on


Edit Payment Methods 

  1. Log in to and click Giving in the sidebar.



  1. To add, remove, or edit a payment method, click the Edit payment methods button. Select an existing payment method to modify or remove it. To add a new payment method, click the +Add payment method button and provide the relevant information.


Edit the Method of a Recurring Payment

  1. Log in to and click Giving in the sidebar.
  2. Click a recurring gift, then click the menu icon and select Edit.



  1. Modify the payment information associated with the recurring gift.


Note: If your recurring payment fails due to an issue with your payment method,  you can make that payment up. Click on the recurring donation to edit the payment method and check the box beside Give $___ to make up for missed gifts.



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