Sermon Transcription

With sermon transcription you can:

  • Make your sermons accessible to anyone with impaired hearing
  • Help others engage further with your sermon throughout the week
  • Keep a searchable record of what you've preached

And in Faithlife Sermons and Faithlife Proclaim, sermon transcription is as simple as a click when you upload or publish your sermon.

Sermon transcription revolves around three features:

Closed-captioned video playback. Words appear on the screen as you listen to the sermon.



Sermon tone analysis. Assess the emotional quality of your sermon by analyzing its words.



Searchable audio/video. Get an archive of your work and help other people search your content.



You get all for as little as $1 per sermon.

To get started, upload your sermon to Faithlife Sermons, or click here to learn more about sermon recording and transcription through Proclaim.


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