Distribute Year-End Giving Statements

Because Faithlife Giving keeps track of all contributions to your church, you can send out year-end giving statements with a few clicks when the year ends.

1. Navigate to your Finance Team.

To begin, locate your church group on Faithlife.com and access your Finance Team from the Admin sidebar menu.


Only members of your Finance Team can view and manage donations to your church. You can invite others if they need access.

2. Select the Givers report.

Next, select the Givers report in the Admin panel. This report lists all givers who have contributed to your church.


3. Download PDF giving statements.

Select the giver’s name, scroll down, and click this year’s giving statement.


Click Download to save a PDF to your computer. The title will contain the giver’s name and the year (for example, “Caleb Brussel 2019”). Attach the PDF to an email message to send it to the giver.


If you plan to print and distribute the PDF statements to multiple people, check the box for every applicable giver, expand the more options menu, and click View statements.


Clicking Download will save a single PDF containing giving statements for all the names you selected.


Note: Because Faithlife Giving requires an email address in order to give online, you can locate an email address for any giver who gave online. Typically downloading groups of statements is best only if you either already have physical addresses for your givers or if you can hand-deliver them.

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