Understand and Manage Content Licenses

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When you purchase licenses with Faithlife for your church group, everyone who is a member of your group will have access to your content. If you want to limit access to a license, you’ll need to create a subgroup and purchase the license for that subgroup only.

View your licenses.

Administrators of your group can view any licenses you’ve purchased from the License page found in your Admin Settings menu. From the left-hand Admin sidebar, expand Settings and select Licenses.


This page will display the total licenses purchased, the accounts with access to those licenses, how many licenses remain, and when they will expire (if applicable).


Because group licenses are available to the group, Faithlife will distribute your licenses to every new member of your group. For instance, the example above indicates that this church group has 149 available licenses for Faithlife TV Plus. All 69 members of the group have been granted a license, so the group has 86 remaining licenses to distribute. To grant a license, invite someone to your group. To take away a license, remove them from the group.

Note: If you purchase 149 licenses, the first 149 group members will receive a license. The 150th member will not receive a license. You can remove a member from your group or purchase additional group licenses.

Assign licenses to a subset of your group.

If you want a select group of people from your church to receive a license, simply you must create a subgroup, purchase the license for that subgroup, and invite only the people who need licenses.

1. Create a subgroup.

You can create a subgroup of your church group from the Groups sidebar menu. Click the Plus icon.


Choose your Group type and click Next.


Add a unique group name (i.e., no other group on Faithlife can share this name) and set the privacy level. If you want to limit who can join the group, you’ll need to keep the group to Private or Secret.


Add any other important detailed related to your group and click Done.


2. Purchase licenses for that subgroup.

When purchasing a group license, make sure your newly-created subgroup is the recipient of the purchase. 

3. Invite people to your subgroup.

Navigate to your subgroup and click Invite.


Add email addresses for those you want to invite, ensure Invite as: Members is selected, and select Invite.


Once they join your subgroup, they will receive a license. Just like your main church group, you can check your subgroup’s licenses from Admin navigation menu (expand Settings > Licenses).

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