Manually Print or Email Receipts

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When donors contribute to your church, Faithlife Giving automatically emails a receipt for each gift. As a member of your church’s Finance Team, you can also manually print or email receipts for any gift that’s been given to your church.

1. Locate the gift in your Finance Team.

Navigate to your Finance Team and locate the gift. The easiest way to locate a gift is by using the Gifts tab in your Finance Team. Locate the gift via filtering or searching and then click it.

2. Print or email the receipt.

Click the More options icon image-1.png and select Print receipt or Resend receipt.

A message will confirm the receipt has been sent.

Note: You can only resend a receipt if the giver has an email address associated with their gift. Anyone who donates to your church online also submits an email address. If you manually added the gift, however, there may be no email address associated with the gift. You can choose Print receipt to print a physical copy or to print to PDF and manually email it to the donor.

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