Test the Giving Experience

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While you’re setting up Faithlife Giving for your church, you can enable Admin Only mode to hide all Give buttons so you can test the experience.

1. Go to your church’s Finance Team.

Log in to Faithlife.com and select your church group. Select your Finance Team from the sidebar.


2. Navigate to Giving Features.

Expand Giving Configuration in the Admin navigation sidebar and select Giving Features.


3. Check Enable Admin Only mode.

When Enable Admin Only mode is checked, givers will not be able to give to your church.


Only members of your church’s Finance Team will be able to see the Give buttons. If your website includes your giving form, givers will not be able to process gifts until you deselect Admin Only mode. While Admin Only mode is enabled, your website giving form will tell givers that you are currently unable to accept gifts.

Note: If you have a Faithlife Site, you can hide the Give page from your website while you’re testing Faithlife Giving. Change the Status for the page to Draft from the Page Settings.

4. Test your form.

Any member of your Finance Team can still see the Give buttons on Faithlife.com. Select it to test your form.


For instance, make your all your Funds display properly. You can add more fund options or deactivate existing funds to adjust the available options.


Follow through with the gift to ensure you understand the entire giving experience, including getting a receipt from your church.


Note: It’s very important to note that the form is still fully functional for members of your Finance Team. If you submit a gift while testing your form, it will still be processed.

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