Refund a Gift

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Members of your Finance Team can issue refunds for eligible gifts from the gift’s detail page.

1. Locate the gift in your Finance Team.

Navigate to your Finance Team and locate the gift. The easiest way to locate a gift is to view the Gifts tab in your Finance Team. From here, locate the gift via filtering or searching.

2. Initiate the refund.

Click the More options menu icon image-1.png and select Issue Refund (shows for gifts eligible for refund) to begin the refund process.

3. Confirm the refund.

Read the prompt to verify the refund details and select Issue refund.

A popup note verifies your Refund Succeeded and the gift’s status changes to Refund Pending. Please allow 48–72 hours for refunded amounts to be reflected in the giver’s account. Once the funds have been collected back from your bank account and sent to the giver, the status will update to Refund Completed.

Note: Credit cards and debit cards have real-time authorization, so once the funds have been deposited into your church’s bank account they are eligible to be refunded. eCheck/ACH transactions, however, are deposited as a provisional credit until the return timeframes have lapsed (typically 5 banking days or 8 calendar days from the date of the gift).

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