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Your church’s Faithlife Group features subgroups and teams. Subgroups help smaller, specialized groups in your church connect. You can set one up in a few moments.

Teams provide special permissions to team members to manage the church’s website, data, presentations, or finances. In other words, teams protect your data by limiting it to those who need access (e.g., like members of your Finance Team). Teams provide this additional layer of protection by limiting new members to those who’ve been invited by a current team member or administrator.


Add Members to Your Team

Begin by clicking a particular Team in the Teams section of the sidebar. Then click Invite on the upper right of that Team’s page.



Here, you can add anyone who currently has a Faithlife account by typing a name or email address in the Search field. You can also click Add contacts to import contact information from a CSV file with email addresses of invitees.

The optional personal note field allows you to customize your invitation. When your invitation is ready, click Invite.



As an admin for the team, when you invite new team members who are already members of your church group, they will be automatically added to your team without the added step of accepting the invitation. You can repeat the invitation process at any point by following this same set of instructions.


Manage Your Team

If you want to remove a team at any point, you can do so from the Group / Team management page. Simply click the more options menu icon  for any group or team and click Remove subgroup.



If you want to change a team’s roster or change the permissions assigned to any team member, open the Team’s Members page. Select the member(s) you wish to edit and click Actions.



From here you can change members’ permissions to Admin, Moderator, or Member, or remove them from the Team entirely.

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