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How do I match the colors and fonts used in my Faithlife Site?

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You may want to use design elements from your Faithlife Site in other materials you're creating for your church. To find and use the fonts and colors from your Faithlife Site, follow the instructions below.



Faithlife Sites uses fonts provided by Google Fonts, a repository of fonts that are available for widespread use. To download one or more of these fonts,

  1. Navigate to
  2. Search for and select the fonts you'd like to download.
  3. Open the collection of fonts you've selected, then click the download icon to download the fonts to your computer.



Some Faithlife Sites themes allow you to select from a wide range of color palettes. You may want use these colors elsewhere in other online or print materials for your church.

Most word processing and image editing software contain an eyedropper tool. You can use this to select and use any color displayed on your screen. To learn more, search for "eyedropper" in your software's help documentation.

You can also download a key listing the hex codes for each color (Alpha and Reconciliation themes only). You can copy and paste this hex code into your software.



Download the color palette key


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