How Do I Get My Congregation to Start Using Faithlife Giving?

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Getting your entire congregation to start using Faithlife Giving usually takes a few weeks, but Faithlife is here to support you throughout the process.  We will:

  • Connect you with a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will work with you to understand your unique needs and adapt our materials to suit them.  
  • Provide ready-to-display materials that you can use to drive awareness to your new giving platform.
  • Provide training material, full of best practices, that you can use to train your champions and your congregation.

It usually takes people 6–8 times of hearing a message before they take action. With this in mind, we highly recommend including Faithlife Giving in all of your regular messaging (emails, in-person announcements, etc.) for several weeks, reminding them of your new giving option that provides many benefits for your church and the giver.

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