How Do I Get My Congregation to Start Using Faithlife Giving?

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Getting your entire congregation to start using Faithlife Giving usually takes a few weeks, but Faithlife is here to support you throughout the process.  We will:

  • Connect you with a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will work with you to understand your unique needs and adapt our materials to suit them.  
  • Provide ready-to-display materials that you can use to drive awareness of your new giving platform.
  • Provide training material, full of best practices, that you can use to train your champions and your congregation.

It usually takes people 6–8 times of hearing a message before they take action. With this in mind, we highly recommend including Faithlife Giving in all of your regular messaging (emails, in-person announcements, etc.) for several weeks, reminding them of your new giving option that provides many benefits for your church and the giver.

Note: Not sure where to start? Check out our help materials for those who are new to Faithlife Giving or refer to this article which walks you through the Faithlife Giving setup process. 

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