How to Invite Others to Your Finance Team

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Only members of the Finance Team group can view and edit giving and financial information.  If you wish to give others permissions to view and edit giving information they will need to become members of the Finance Team by inviting them. Any admin of your Finance Team can invite others to become members:

  1. Access your Finance Team by selecting Finance in your church group’s admin sidebar or by clicking on Finance Team in the teams list.
  2. Invite others to the Finance Team via the Invite button in the top right-hand corner of the group.  


You can invite:

  • An individual person by name if they are already have a Faithlife account.
  • An individual person by an email address if they don’t already have a Faithlife account. They will be prompted to create a free Faithlife account once they get your invitation.
  • A Faithlife Group by name (in this case each member of the group will get an invitation to become a member. Followers of the group will not get an invitation. Only group members at the time of the invite request will be sent an invitation.)

It’s helpful to add a personal note when inviting people to group so they have some context with the request. They will be more likely to respond when you enter a personal note.

If you ultimately want to make someone else an administrator of your Finance Team, you’ll first need to make them a member following the instructions above.  Once they are a member you can make them an admin.



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