Can I Export Giver Information From Faithlife Giving?

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Yes, you can easily export giver details and amounts from Faithlife Giving in a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file format from the Gifts report in your church’s Finance Team.

You can choose to sort your contributions 1) by giver or 2) by giver by fund.

The CSV file will have the following columns:

  • Date
  • Gift ID
  • Amount
  • Fund
  • Ledger Number
  • Payment Method
  • Check Number
  • Last Four Digits
  • Deposit Date
  • Status
  • Type
  • Fees
  • Fees Paid By User
  • Giver ID
  • Giver Name
  • Email
  • Giving Account
  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • City
  • State
  • Postal Code
  • Country

Learn how to export giving data as a CSV file.

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