What Is Not Public Mode and How Do I Enable/Disable It?

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Not Public mode will hide the “Give” button from everyone but members of your Finance Team. When Not Public mode is enabled:

  • Givers will not be able to give to your church
  • Your website giving form will tell givers that you are currently unable to accept gifts

Note: It’s very important to note that the form is still fully functional for members of your Finance Team. If you submit a gift while testing your form, it will still be processed. Also, scheduled recurring gifts will still occur and be processed.

To enable or disable Not Public mode:

  1. Navigate to your Faithlife.com church’s group.
  2. Click on your Finance Team in the Teams menu.
  3. In the left-hand Admin panel expand Settings and select Giving.
  4. Toggle between Public and Not Public.

Note: Learn more about testing your giving experience with Not Public mode.

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