Split Screen

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View two resources next to one another in the Faithlife Study Bible mobile app by activating the split screen feature.

Add a Split Screen 

You can view two resources in a split screen from the tabs menu.


  1. Tap the tabs icon Tabs_Icon.png (you may need to tap the screen first to show the app icons).  
  2. Press the split screen icon Split_Screen.png at the top right of the tab where you’d like the split screen to display.
  3. Select Open from the Library to select the resource to appear in the second pane.
  4. If desired, link the two panes together by tapping the link icon Link_tabs_icon.png in the upper left, then tapping the circle to the lower right of each resource you want to keep in step. Linking the two panes will keep the tabs in sync as you scroll through either resource.
  5. Tab Done twice to return to your reading.

Remove a Split Screen 

To remove a split screen from a tab, hold and drag the divider between the two panes to the bottom of the screen.



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