How Do I Add Multiple Service Times?

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You can add multiple service start times, separated by commas or semicolons. To learn how to change the date of your service, click here.

1. Open your presentation.

2. Add a service time.

Click the blue start time to the right of the Service section title. Add up to three service start times separated by commas or semicolons and press enter.

When your first service ends, leave the presentation On Air and Proclaim will move back to the pre-service loop before your second service. Of course, you can also manually select an item in the pre-service loop to move return to the pre-service loop before your second service. 

Note: If you use Proclaim to record your sermon, Proclaim will stitch both services together into one recording. Trim the finished audio to publish the service you prefer. You can leave a marker while recording by pressing the "m" key at the end of the first sermon to make editing easier. 

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