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With Faithlife Equip, you have the tools you need to disciple your people, foster community, and steward your resources.

If you ever have questions or get stuck, you can find answers at support.faithlife.com. Or you can contact us at support@faithlife.com or call us 365 days a year at 888-634-2038.

Here's how you can get started with Faithlife Equip. Depending on your church’s priorities, you may want to tailor your approach to your specific needs. If you need help, our team is happy to assist. 

 1. Assemble your core team

You probably have a team of people in mind who will help you set up and administer all of the tools and features included with Faithlife Equip. 

Learn how to invite your team to your Faithlife group


2. Set up your teams

Once your core team has joined your group, you’ll need to assign them to the roles (for example, making them a group admin) and to the teams they need to do their work.

Teams are subgroups that are linked to your primary church group. Joining the different teams provides special permission to team members to manage the church’s website, data, presentations, or finances. For example, anyone who joins the “Presentation Team” will be able to collaborate on Proclaim church presentations for your church.

For most churches, the presentation team (using Faithlife Proclaim) and the finance team (using Faithlife Giving) are the best places to start.

Presentation team: quick setup instructions

How to set up your finance team


3. Add important content to your church group

Your church group serves as a hub for all of Faithlife’s tools and features. You’ll want to add a description for your church, header image, contact information, etc., before you invite your congregation to join.

Learn how to set up a Faithlife group


4. Activate Faithlife Giving

Ensure you’re ready to receive donations and payments. After you’ve completed a brief activation form, you’ll be all set.

Before you start the form, make sure you have the following information at hand: 

  • Your church or ministry’s legal name and Tax Identification Number
  • Your church or ministry’s bank account and routing number
  • The church’s primary contact’s name, date of birth, and social security number

Learn more about activating Faithlife Giving


5. Invite your congregation

When your group is all set, it’s time to invite your congregation to join. Becoming members in your group allows your congregants to access all of the content available to your church through Equip and also to connect with each other through messaging, access to your group’s calendar, and more.

Learn how to invite members to your Faithlife group

If you prefer, you can start by importing your people records, then use those records to invite people to your group.



Watch the following webinars to learn more about setting up the individual products included with Faithlife Equip.



Webinar 1: Kickoff

31:52 min


Webinar 2: Setting up a Group

31:31 min


Webinar 3: Faithlife Giving

25:28 min


Webinar 4: Faithlife Proclaim

32:38 min


Webinar 5: Connect for Equip

25:24 min

Faithlife Giving

Activate Faithlife Giving Live Q & A



Set Up Faithlife Giving and Start Receiving Gifts


Faithlife Groups

How to Share Logos Bible Study Resources with Your Church

57:38 min


Organize Your Ministry and Discipleship with Faithlife Groups


Faithlife Proclaim

Build a Professional Proclaim Presentation



Sermon Recording, Publishing, and Livestreaming

51:07 min

Faithlife Live Stream

Faithlife Live Stream Tutorial

12:20 min

Faithlife Sites

Set Up Your Website With Faithlife Sites

33:25 min

More resources

You’ve completed the key steps to getting started with Faithlife Equip, but there’s a lot more you can do. Pick what’s next based on your needs and priorities. We’ve provided some helpful links below.



Learn how to access the Logos resources you get with Equip

Find sermon topics and illustrations at Faithlife Sermons

Learn how to use Logos to research and write your sermons


Bible study

Get your congregation connected with the Logos resources available to them in Equip

Learn how to engage your church with quality teaching and entertainment on Faithlife TV

Set up a Bible reading plan for your church



Get resources to tell your congregation about Faithlife Equip

Create a newsletter

Set up your church calendar and create events

Create your church website

Get started with the Faithlife mobile app

Use Faithlife stock media



Set up Faithlife Giving

Help for givers

Share your giving form


Music and worship

Start building worship presentations with Faithlife Proclaim

Set up Digital Signage with Faithlife Proclaim

Record, edit, and publish your sermons with Faithlife Proclaim


Digital community

Learn about messaging on Faithlife


Small groups

Learn how to set up a small group on faithlife.com

(See the Bible Study section to learn how you can do community Bible study)


Sunday mornings

Add people to your Proclaim presentation group

Record, edit, and publish your sermon

Create a church bulletin



Create prayer requests



Create your church website

Publish your sermon on your website



Import multiple records from a CSV

Create people records

Create family records

Understand person records

Add a connection card

Create a group invitation from a person record


Find product-specific help

Faithlife Groups

Faithlife Giving

Faithlife Proclaim

Faithlife Sermons

Faithlife Sites

Faithlife TV

Logos Bible Software

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