Welcome to Faithlife Equip

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Welcome to Faithlife Equip

With Faithlife Equip, you have the tools you need to manage and care for your church.

Start by creating your church group on Faithlife.com. Your church group serves as a hub for all of Faithlife’s tools and features. 

Learn how to create a Faithlife group


After you’ve created a Faithlife group, invite your congregation to join. Joining your Faithlife group gives your members access to all of the content licensed to your church via Equip.

Learn how to invite members to your Faithlife group


Next Steps

Faithlife Equip is a bit like a choose your own adventure story. After you’ve set up your group, you can pick your next steps based on your needs and priorities. Follow the links below to learn how



Learn how to access the Logos resources you get with Equip

Find Sermon topics and illustrations at Faithlife Sermons

Learn how to use Logos to research and write your sermons


Bible Study

Get your congregation connected with the Logos resources available to them in Equip

Learn how to engage your church with biblical teaching on Faithlife TV

Set up a Bible reading plan for your church



Get resources to tell your congregation about Faithlife Equip

Create a newsletter

Set up your church calendar and create events

Create your church website

Get started with the Faithlife mobile app



Set up Faithlife Giving

Help for givers


Music and Worship

Start building worship presentations with Faithlife Proclaim

Set up Digital Signage with Faithlife Proclaim

Record, edit, and publish your sermons with Faithlife Proclaim


Digital Community

Learn about messaging on Faithlife


Small Groups

Learn how to set up a small group on Faithlife.com

(See the Bible Study section to learn how you can do community Bible study)


Sunday Mornings

Add people to your Proclaim presentation group

Record, edit, and publish your sermon

Create a church bulletin



Prayer requests



Create your church website

Publish your sermon on your website



Import multiple records from a CSV

Create people records

Create family records

Understand person records


Find Product Specific Help

Faithlife Platform

Faithlife Giving

Faithlife Proclaim

Faithlife Sermons

Faithlife Sites

Faithlife TV

Logos Bible Software

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