How Do I Send Stage Directions or Messages?

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You can send live speaker-facing stage directions or messages to communicate important information to the Confidence or Notes monitor. 

Note: Learn how to set up a confidence monitor.

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Send Stage Directions

Reminders or directions for the team can be entered ahead of time and sent to your speaker or worship team when the service advances past a specific slide.

Note: Learn how to send congregation-facing crawl text, pager information, or countdown clocks.

1. Add stage direction cues.

Expand the Settings menu, hover your cursor over Cues, and click Stage Direction (shift + cntl + D on a Windows PC or shift + ⌘ cmd + D on a Mac).

Drag the cue before the slide during which you want to show the stage direction.

2. Add content to your cue.

In Edit mode, enter the title and content of the stage direction. Check the box Show title on confidence monitor to send the title to the Confidence output (instead of the content only).

While On Air, the cue will show while in Preview mode when you progress past the stage direction on your computer.

Note: If there’s more than one stage direction cue in a row, only the one immediately preceding the next non-cue service item will be visible in Preview.

Only the Title will show on your confidence monitor, flashing to get the attention of those on stage. The details are visible on the computer you’re presenting from and will not be sent to the Confidence output.

Note: Pre-scripted stage direction cues cannot be updated while On Air. To update the message on the confidence monitor, click on the “To Stage” icon to deselect it, then re-select and send a custom message (as shown below). 


Send Stage Messages

1. Enter Preview mode while On Air.

While On Air, ensure Proclaim is set to Preview.

2. Send a message.

Select the yellow To Stage button to expand the dropdown menu. Enter your own custom message, or choose one of the default options. The message will show at the top of the confidence monitor.

Choose Flash the message or Flash the message urgently at the top of the dropdown to catch the speaker’s attention.

3. Clear the message.

Choose Clear the message to remove the stage direction.


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