Group Invitation From a Person Record

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Admins or Moderators of your church group can invite individual Person Records or bulk invite your all People Records to join your Faithlife group at the same time. You can invite any Person Record to your church group if they have an email address associated with their record. To begin, go to, sign in, and select your group in the left-hand Groups panel.

Scroll down and click People to view your People Records.

Group Invites 1

Note: Learn more about the different between Faithlife Profiles and People Records.


Bulk Invite Your People Records

Click the Actions button above the People Records table and choose Invite to Faithlife Group. The number in parenthesis shows how many people you’re inviting to your group.

Group Invites 2

Every Person Record with an email address who is not a member of your group will be automatically selected. By default, Faithlife will invite them as members, but you can change the invite type by clicking “members” and choosing another option. Finally, consider adding an optional message to give some context to your invitation. Click Invite to send the invitations.

Group Invites 3

A notification confirms invites have been sent to everyone in your People Records with an email address who is not a member of your group.

Note: Learn more about setting roles in your group.


Invite Individual Person Records

You can invite any Person Record to your church group if they have an email address. Click the name of the person you want to invite to your group to view their Person Record. Two dropdowns display below the person’s name.

  • The first dropdown shows a person’s Church Status (your internal description of their connection to your church).
  • The second dropdown shows a person’s Group Status (their role in your Faithlife group).

Expand the second dropdown (for Group Status) and click the Invite option. Choose a role (defaults to member), include an optional message, and click Invite.

Group Invites 4


View or Withdraw Pending Invitations

To view individual pending invitations to your group, select any Person Record and view the Group Status dropdown. If necessary, you can withdraw an invitation from this dropdown as well.

Group Invites 5

To view all pending invites, click Group Members in the Community panel and select Pending invites on the right. You can withdraw any pending invite(s) by checking any row(s) and clicking the Withdraw button above the table.

Group Invites 6

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