Setting Event Permissions

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When creating or editing an event on your group’s calendar, you can adjust the event’s permissions to restrict those who can view it to people with particular roles. So, if you want to create a monthly meeting for your staff (all of whom are Admins of your group), set the event permissions to Admin so those events don’t display on everyone else’s calendar.

To change the event’s permissions, click the To: dropdown.



From here, you can restrict access to the event to:

  • Public: This allows anyone who visits your group’s page to view the event. You’ll want to use this option when hosting an event that is open to everyone in your local community regardless of their affiliation with your church.

  • Followers: Choose this setting to allow Followers of your group (and all those with higher levels of permissions) to view the event.

  • Members: Choose this setting to allow Members of your group (and those with higher levels of permissions) to view the event.

  • Moderators: Choose this setting to restrict access to the event to Moderators and Admins of the group.

  • Admins: This option restricts access to group Admins only.

Note: When creating an event for a particular subgroup the permissions you set for the event apply to that subgroup and not to the group as a whole. This means, for instance, that creating an event for Moderators in your Finance team does not allow Moderators of the main group to see the event unless they are also Moderators of the Finance team.

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