Custom Confidence Templates

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Use Proclaim to create custom confidence templates that meet the specific needs of your team. Show these on the confidence monitor to let whoever's on stage know what's next in your presentation.

To get started, go to Settings > Default Confidence. Select a template to use as a starting point, then click Edit this template to make changes.

You can also do this from the Confidence tab in the Edit view with a service item selected. To start from scratch, select Media > Create Confidence Template.




When the template editor is open, choose the aspect ratio of your confidence monitor and start making changes. Delete any elements you don’t want and click the Confidence Items dropdown to add new ones:

  • Clock shows the current time while On Air. In the template editor, this will always show as 10:00 AM.
  • Current slide content shows any content and foreground images. Check the box for the video player to show any video content.
  • Hymn number shows the number of a hymnif available.
  • Next lyric preview is the first line of the next slide. Use this on Song items to go into the next song section before the slide changes.
  • Next slide preview displays the full next slide. Use this to make your own customized presenter view.
  • Notes shows any notes for the selected service item.
  • Service item title the title of the selected service item.
  • Song heading shows the section of the song you’re singing.
  • Timer displays any active confidence timers, recording timers, and countdown clocks.
  • Stage Message Overlay is the message sent from the operator to the confidence monitor. Toggle "Show overlay" to edit and show what it'll look like when sent to the confidence monitor.



Note: You won’t be able to change the font for Clock or Timer confidence items.



When you’re all done, click Save to sync your template with your presentation team and update that template wherever it's in use. Find your new template in the Default Confidence settings or the Confidence tab. 


Note: You can save over your team’s templates, but not the system templates. If you use a system template as a starting point, you must give it a different name and save it as a new template.

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