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How Can I Embed My Live Stream in My Church Website?

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Once you set up Faithlife Stream, it’s important to share your stream online for others to watch whenever you go live. You can embed your stream on any Faithlife or non-Faithlife site:

Note: If you don’t have a Faithlife Site, you can create one for free in a few minutes! The live stream widget is included in the free version. Explore Faithlife Sites.


Embed stream in a Faithlife Site

To embed your stream on your church’s Faithlife Site, navigate to your church website. If you’re not already signed in, select Sign in in the top right-hand corner and sign in with your Faithlife account. Click Edit Site in the top right-hand corner of the page to enter edit mode.

Remember: You’ll need to configure your church’s stream on before adding it to your site. Learn more about setting up a live stream with Faithlife.

1. Add a new widget.

On any page, click the blue add widget button (you may need to hover your cursor over the page to reveal the available widget placement options).

Note: You can create a dedicated page for your live stream, as shown here, and/or add a live stream widget on any other page(s) on your site.

2. Choose the Live Stream Widget.

A module shows with several options. Click Live Stream.

Note: You can also embed your live feed in any content widget by pasting the URL of the playing stream from church’s channel.

If you have multiple streams, choose your desired stream to embed. Click Save.

3. Publish your changes.

To make your changes public, ensure your page’s status is set to Published and click Publish Changes in the top right-hand corner of the webpage.

Did you know? After you conclude your live stream, you can publish the recording to your website as well.

Embed Stream in a non-Faithlife Site

With the HTML embed code from your Faithlife TV settings, you can add your stream to any site.

1. Navigate to your Faithlife TV settings.

Sign in to and select your church group in the left-hand sidebar. Scroll down to the left-hand Admin panel, expand Settings, and click Live Stream. You must be an admin or moderator in your church group to view the Admin panel.

2. Copy and paste the embed code.

Locate the embed code and click Copy to add the code to your system clipboard.

Paste the code to any HTML section of your website. You may want to create a dedicated page on your church’s website to host your live stream.

Did you know? After you conclude your live stream, you can publish the recording to your website as well.

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