Video Chat with Faithlife Messages

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Faithlife Messages includes a powerful video chat feature for free on a computer or mobile device. You can send the chat link to anyone—even if they’re not part of your Faithlife group.

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Computer Instructions

To create a video chat on, follow these steps:

1. Open Messages.

Log in to, and click the Messages icon . If you want to start a video chat with your entire group, select Group Chat in the sidebar or select the group from within the messages page.

Note: You may not have permission to participate in group-wide chats. Your group administrator can adjust permissions as needed.

2. Start a video chat.

Click the video chat icon in the message thread you want to start a video chat. Then select Start video chat.

Note: If you’re not viewing your desired message thread, click New and choose to start a message with a single individual, around a topic (i.e., a chat group you create), or with an entire group. Learn more about messaging.

A new tab opens with your live video chat. You may need to grant access to your computer’s microphone and video.

Customize your video chat experience. Here are a few settings you may find useful when chatting with a group:

  1. Share your screen: show your computer’s screen with those viewing the live video feed (e.g., share presentation slides while speaking).
  2. Sharing information: access your audio call-in number, set a password for your feed, and more.
  3. More actions menu: adjust settings, including moderator settings—like starting everyone muted or hidden (under Settings > more).

3. Share your video chat link.

Anyone in your message group will be notified about the video chat. To share the video chat with someone else, copy the chat URL and post it for others to view.

Note: At this point, there is no limit to how many can participate in a video chat, although high-volume calls may lag. If necessary, reduce video quality from the More actions menu to increase performance.


Mobile Instructions

You can also video chat from your mobile device with Jitsi (the free video chat software we use).

1. Download Jitsi to your mobile device

2. Enter or create a video chat


Enter an existing video chat

If you’ve already received a link to the chat in the Faithlife mobile app, tap it.

Note: Learn how the Faithlife mobile app can help connect your church in this short video.

If brought to your web browser, tap Continue to the app or dial in using the number and pin provided.


Create a video chat

Tap the video chat icon in the top right-hand corner. A link will post to your group and Jitsi will open to your chat automatically.

Note: To share a video chat you created on mobile to those outside your Faithlife message, tap the more actions button in the Jitsi mobile app, then More options and Meeting info. Share the resulting link via text, email, or any other service.

3. Adjust your chat experience.

You can adjust your chat experience with the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Here are a few settings you may find useful when chatting with a group:

  • Chat: Tap the leftmost button to show or hide the chat (here you can also add your name to the group).
  • Show/hide video or audio: Tap the mic or the camera to toggle between show/hide.
  • More actions menu: The rightmost button provides a variety of options, including low bandwidth mode, meeting passwords, tile view, and more.
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