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The Directory displays the names, contact information, and other relevant details for every individual who has a person record in your group (whether they have joined your group, follow your group, or had records added to the group by an admin). Although the Directory contains information about individual people, the church group owns and manages the displayed information. Only Admins of your group on can change Directory information. Members can view all details made visible by admins.

Note: The Directory is not the same as admin people records. Learn how people records, personal Faithlife profiles, and the Directory work relate to each other and help you serve your people better.


View the Directory

The Directory is available to anyone in your group, depending on your group privacy settings (learn more below). To open your Directory:

  1. Log in to
  2. Select your group in the left-hand sidebar.
  3. Click Directory.

If you are an Admin in your group, you can choose to view the Directory as an Admin or a Member via the View as toggle above the Directory.

  • Admin View: Shows every person connected to your group whether or not you’ve chosen to remove them from your public-facing Directory (shown below). In Admin view, you can also select a person’s name to view their person record, take action on entries (e.g., invite those not connected to your group to join, etc.), and view a total count of entries in your Directory.
  • Member view: View only people (and their details) made visible by admins.


Search, Sort, and Filter the Directory

Both Admins and Members can search, sort, and filter all Directory information visible to their respective role within the Faithlife Church Group.

  1. Find Bar: Search visible Directory entries for any available information (e.g., first or last name, email address, area code, etc.).
  2. Sort: Click a column header (e.g., “Email”) to sort your current view by the column’s data.
  3. Filter: The two dropdown menus allow you to 1) filter the Directory by role within the Faithlife group and/or 2) by either name or family.
  4. View Columns: Click the view columns icon to choose which columns display (Admins see more column options than Members).

If you've invited a new person to your group via the blue invite button above the Directory, "Visitor" will be prepended to their email address in the name field. Once they accept your invitation, an Admin can update their name field


Add People to the Directory

People (including children) are automatically added to your Directory when someone joins or follows your church group or when you create a new person record.

Note: People records are administrative records about people connected to your church. Your church creates, owns, and manages those records and they exist whether or not the person has a Faithlife profile or has joined your church group on Learn more about People records.

Admins can choose to hide or show people in the Directory. If you choose to hide someone from the member-facing Directory, they will remain visible in the Directory for all Admins only. To re-add them to the member-facing Directory, select their entry, expand the Actions button, and Add to Directory.

For more control, navigate to People in the Admin sidebar and select a record.

Each person record allows for two levels of control:

  1. Hide/show the person in the Directory.

Check Include in Directory under the Personal Details section to show the person in your member-facing Directory. This acts as a master-toggle for the person’s record.

  1. Hide/show specific details about the person in the Directory.

The second level of control adjusts specific pieces of information to show/hide in the Directory. Hide or show details in the Directory by clicking the Directory icons: choose between in Directory and not in Directory .

Note: Remember, if the main hide/show switch (shown in step 1 above) is unchecked no information for that person will show in the member-facing directory. Once the main hide/show switch is checked, however, all details toggled to in Directory will display in the member-facing directory.


Update Directory Information

Admins of your group can update Directory information on two levels:

1. Update Information from the Directory

You can adjust basic information from the Directory by selecting a record(s) and expanding the Actions button.

Depending on your selection, a variety of options will display. Where applicable, the number in parenthesis indicates how many selected records fit the Actions menu option. You may be redirected to the People tab after selecting an option.

  • Change to: If the person has connected with your group on, you can change their role within your group by selecting a new role: Follower, Member, Moderator, or Admin. (Learn more about roles in your group).
  • Remove from group: If the person has connected with your group on, you can remove them from your group. This will not remove them from your Directory.
  • Remove from Directory or Add to Directory: Removing someone from your Directory hides them from the member-facing side of your Directory. You will still see them when viewing your Directory as an Admin.
  • Delete records: Permanently remove the person from your directory, delete your admin person record, and (if applicable) remove them from your group. If you want only to hide them from your member-facing directory, use the Remove from Directory option shown above.
  • View Faithlife profile page: If the person has a free Faithlife account, you can view their profile page.
  • Send a message: Send a Faithlife message to someone with whom you share a common Faithlife group.
  • Print directory: Print a directory for the selected record(s).
  • Print address labels: Print address labels for the selected record(s).
  • Add to new family: Assign the selected record(s) to a family record.
  • Invite to Faithlife group: If the person is not a member of your Faithlife group, you can invite them. The best way to bulk-invite records to your group is to filter by Not in Group using the Show filter menu, select all records, and use this menu option.
  • Merge records: Select any two records to review and merge them.
  • Create communication: Open a pre-selected communication for the record(s) selected.
  • Create exportable: Open an exportable (i.e., address label, name page, certificate, etc.) for the selected record(s).

2. Update Information from People Records

To update more specific details about a person’s record, click People in the left-hand sidebar and update any information by changing it. Changes are saved automatically.

Information available to show in the Directory includes a Directory icon. Clicking the icon will toggle between in Directory and not in Directory .

Note: The master toggle for show/hide in the Directory is under the Personal Details section of each person’s record.


Hide People from the Member-Facing Directory

Admins can hide people from the member-facing directory in two ways:

1. From within the Directory.

While viewing the Directory, select a record(s), expand the Actions menu and choose Remove from Directory. You may be redirected to the People records.

2. From within a Person Record.

Click People in the Admin sidebar panel, open a record, expand the Personal Details section, and uncheck Include in Directory. Changes save automatically.


Control Who Can View Your Directory

To hide/show your entire Directory from groups of people, expand Settings in the Admin sidebar panel, and click Features and Permissions. Scroll down to the Directory section and drag the See members slider to set your Directory’s visibility. Learn more about group privacy settings.

Note: Only Admins in your group on can adjust group privacy levels.

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