Printing from Your People Records

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With the Printables tab, you can quickly print or export content from your people records for use in mailings, meetings, or other physical communications. To create printable media, follow these simple steps:

  1. Expand Reporting in the Admin panel of your church group on and click Printables.

Note: The page that opens shows all of the previous printables you’ve created. You can rerun any of these projects by clicking its name, selecting from the available options, clicking Print or Download depending on your preference, and clicking Done.

  1. Click Create printable at the top to begin a new project.

  1. You can create several different kinds of printable media.

  1. Select the option you want to create and click Next.
  2. Select the people records you want to include and click Next.

Note: You can search, filter, and sort the displayed people records just as you would from the Directory or the People tab.

  1. Select from the available options for the type of printable you selected, give the project a recognizable name, and choose whether to Download or Print your project.

Note: In the dropdown next to Download, you can choose between three export formats: HTML, PDF, or Plain Text.

  1. Click Done. Printables you’ve saved show in the main Printables tab.

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