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Share Recorded Live Streams Publicly

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While many may be able to join your service live, you can also share previously-recorded live streams for your people to watch after your service most anywhere your church has a presence online.


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Configure Your Recording

Faithlife Live Stream automatically records your services and adds them to your church group’s file vault. In order to make your recording publicly available you need to adjust a few settings.

Note: You can upload any video to your Faithlife church group’s shared vile vault and then share it publicly, including live streams from third-party services. You can also use sharing options in YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and other services to share recorded streams.

  1. Locate your recording.

    Once your recording processes (this may take several hours), it will show in your group's files. Go to and select your church group in the sidebar. Expand Content and select Videos. Once you find the recording, hover your cursor over the preview and click the View asset details icon.

  2. Add metadata (recommended).

    Adding a title, description, and tags can help people find your videos easier or provide key information for those viewing your videos.

    Note: If you have a Faithlife Site, tagging your live stream recordings allows you to include only those tagged videos in your video widget. Learn more below.

  3. Change the cover image (optional).

    You can change your cover image to another frame within your video. Play your video until you find your desired frame. Click Change to current frame.

    The updated thumbnail will save and display.


Share Your Recording

You can share previously-recorded live streams publicly anywhere you have a presence online:


Faithlife Group/Social Media

  1. While viewing the video file, click Share.

  2. Copy the link or choose a platform.

    Choose a sharing platform from the icons on the left or copy the URL to share a direct link.

    Note: You can set an expiration date if you want to share the video only temporarily. To create a custom URL, click Customize before sharing the link.

  3. Customize your share on Faithlife.

    If you chose to share on Faithlife, a new tab opens pre-populated with your link. By default, you will share the video on you personal Faithlife profile. To share to your group, select your church group from the drop down menu. Depending on your profile’s permission within your group, you can share as yourself or as group. To limit it to specific roles (e.g., admins, moderators, members, etc.) adjust the audience in the dropdown. Publish your post.

    Note: You can schedule your post to publish at a later time using the dropdown menu on the right side of the post button below.


Faithlife Sermons

Upload your live stream recording to Faithlife Sermons from your church group.

  1. Expand Content in the Community panel of your church group and select Sermons.

  2. Click Upload Sermon.

  3. Click Add files to choose a live stream recording.

  4. Filter available files in the File Picker by clicking a filter in the left pane or type your selection criteria in the search bar.

  5. Select your desired file from the list of filtered results and click Insert.

  6. Complete relevant information about your live stream such as Title, Publication status, Language, Speaker, Date presented, Sermon series and other details. Click Change cover image to select a different cover image, if desired.

  7. Click Save.

    Note: Import sermon text allows you to import sermon notes from a Microsoft Word document. Edit sermon notes lets you copy and paste text directly from a document and shows a preview of your text.

    Note: Processing your upload may take several minutes depending on your file size.

  8. The uploaded live stream recording appears in the list of sermons available in My Sermons.


Share to Your Website

You can upload your file stream video to any self-hosted website or Faithlife Site.


Self-hosted Website

  1. While viewing the video file, click Share.

  2. Copy the embed code.

    Click Embed to view the embed code. Scroll down to customize your code and examine a live preview. Click Copy and add the HTML code to your website.


Faithlife Sites

The best way to add video to your Faithlife Site is via the videos widget with a custom filter menu. Once configured, your website will add new live stream videos automatically.

  1. While viewing the video file, adjust these permissions:

    • Status: Change to Published.
    • Can View settings: Change to Public.

    Note: Your Faithlife Site will use the Faithlife TV player, and these settings make your video public on Faithlife TV.

    Additionally, add a tag that you plan to apply to all your live stream videos. In Faithlife Sites, you can create a custom filter for your video widget to pull only those videos with a specific tag, like “livestream.”

    Note: Once you configure your video widget with a smart filter (shown below), in the future you’ll only need to complete this step with new videos. Faithlife Sites will automatically update your site with your new video.

  2. Edit your Faithlife Site.

    In your Faithlife church group, click Website in the Admin panel and select Edit Site.

  3. Add a video widget.

    • Click the add widget button and select Video from the widget options.
    • Add a Title (optional) and choose your desired layout. Scroll down and click Create smart filter.

    Search for the tag you created above and click Done. Make any other desired adjustment in the widget and click Save. Be sure to Publish changes to your site to make them public.


Faithlife TV

You can make your videos available for anyone to view and/or share on your Faithlife TV channel.

  1. While viewing the video file, adjust these permissions:

    • Status: Change to Published.
    • Can View settings: Change to Public.

    Note: These settings make your video public on Faithlife TV.

  2. Find and share your video.

    Go to and expand the Browse menu, use the search box, or scroll down to locate your church group’s channel.

    Find your video on your group’s page and share the link to invite others to watch.

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