Live Stream from Proclaim

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Stream straight from Proclaim to your live stream provider without having to use a software encoder. This is a great way to stay engaged with your community with minimal hardware and set up.

This is a beta feature, limited to 64-bit Windows 10 computers. If you're not sure if your Windows PC is 64-bit, here's how to check.

Support for Mac is forthcoming.


Known Issue: Only a corner of the On Air output will show in the live stream if custom scaling is turned on. If this happens to you, turn off custom scaling in your computer's display settings. This will be fixed in a future update.


1. Configure the video

Navigate to Settings > Video and choose the video source you want to use as a background. You can use a camera, or just the webcam on your laptop.



2. Configure your audio

Navigate to Settings > Audio and choose the audio source. This is the same thing you’d use for any sermon recordings. It’ll default to the microphone on your computer



3. Set up your cues

Go to Add Item > Cues and choose Start Live stream. Place them in your order of service around the part of the service you want to stream. If you want your stream to end before your presentation is over, choose and End live stream cue and place it where you want your stream to end. Each set of cues will start a new stream.




Note: Faithlife Live Stream only supports one stream at a time.


4. Configure your live stream settings

If you have a Faithlife Live Stream license, select your stream. Change your live stream settings from your church group Faithlife TV settings, as well as find where your service will stream.




To stream to YouTube or Vimeo, create your stream key and url and point them to your chosen outlet.


5. Choose your media

You’ll want to use special media for your live stream so your audience can watch the video. Browse media for lower-thirds options, or make your own with transparent backgrounds so the video can come through. Apply the templates to your media.



Go On Air

Go on air to stream your service. You can find a link to your live stream in your church group's Faithlife TV settings, or in your church group's Content > Live stream.

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