What is Banking Validation?

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To comply with regulations, Faithlife must confirm the bank account where deposits will be sent belongs to your church or ministry. If we are unable to do this through independent means (typically because your financial institution does not participate in account validation services) banking validation will be required.

If this is the case, an account alert will be visible in your Deposits page requesting this validation and will include a link to securely upload your supporting documentation. You may also upload securely anytime by using this link: https://fl.vu/fileupload.

Supporting documentation can be either a voided check or a bank letter:

  • A voided check must be pre-printed with your church name, account number, and routing number. 
  • A bank letter should be on the bank letterhead; include the name they have on file for the account, the account number, and the routing number; and be signed by a bank representative.

Note: Learn more about when funds will be deposited in your account.

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