Alternate Content Virtual Screens

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Alternate Content virtual screens give you the ability to show slide content in different ways. This will let you do things like have a dedicated virtual screen for your live stream - set to foreground only - in addition to your standard slides, confidence and notes outputs.

To add Alternate Content to your presentation, go to Settings > Display, then click Add virtual screen. Give it a title and click done to save your changes. 



Every Virtual Screen corresponds to a tab in Proclaim. When you exit the Settings menu you'll see a new tab with the name you gave earlier. This is the virtual screen you just made. Click it to configure the content type used for this service item.


Currently we support Blank, Background Only, Foreground Only, and Duplicate. 


Blank sends a totally transparent slide. This works well for live stream scenarios where you just want to show your camera feed or keyed out background.



Background Only is the best option if you want to show your lyrics on a center screen and only the background on auxiliary side screens. In this example, our background image has text in it, so we can see that here as well.



Foreground Only is ideal for live streaming, where you want to show video input behind your lyrics, Bible verses and sermon content.



Duplicate shows the slides output.



To change these in bulk, select all the items you want to change and choose the virtual screen. Then, edit the alternate content type.

For example, let's say I'm setting up my virtual screen to live stream. If I wanted every item to use Foreground Only, I’d click on a service item, press command + A to select all the items (or control + A on Windows) on my keyboard. Then, with all items selected, I'd select my virtual screen tab and select my content type.




Note: If you already have a content type selected, you may have to change to a different content type and back to your desired type in order for it to propagate to all items.


And that’s it! For a live stream scenario, use foreground only for songs, duplicate for slides or videos you want full screen and blank for content not needed on the stream.


Click here to learn more about how to use this output for your live stream.

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