Saved Lists

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You can create filtered groups of people in your church for organization or communication purposes. Once created, your lists can be accessed when sending communication or creating printables.

Note: You must be an Admin or Moderator in your church group to access people records and create lists.


Create Saved Lists

You can create saved lists from an active filter in the People view or from the Saved Lists report.

Create a list from an active filter.

Navigate to People in the Admin panel of your church group on Click the filter icon and apply any filters by checking any option. With your active filter selected, click Save as List.

Provide a name and press Enter. Your list will be automatically selected in the List dropdown. Your selected filters show above the table.

Note: Lists you create from active filters are saved in Saved Lists report automatically and offer all the functionality of lists created in Saved Lists (shown below).

Create a list from the Saved Lists report.

Expand the People menu item in the Admin panel of your church group on and select Saved Lists. All your current lists show below. To create a new list, click New list.

Provide a name for your list and then add filters by clicking Add filters and making a selection. You can add as many filters as you need. When you’ve added all necessary filters, click Done in the top right-hand corner of the screen to save the list.

Note: Directly above the table, you can add individual person records to or subtract individual person records from your list. Search for a name, select the name, and click Done. The additions or subtractions will not save if you don’t click Done first.


Edit Saved Lists

You can edit saved lists from the Saved Lists report. Expand People in the Admin panel and select Saved Lists. Select an existing list to edit it. Make any adjustments and click Done.


Delete Saved Lists

You can delete saved lists from the Saved Lists report. Expand People in the Admin panel and select Saved Lists.

Select an existing list(s), click the Actions button and choose Delete lists.


Use Saved Lists

Saved lists are used across Faithlife to help you stay organized, to aid your communication, and to access specific groups of people. You can use Saved Lists when sending communications or creating printables.


You can send communications to any saved lists. Select Communications in the Admin panel and click New to create a new communication. To send the communication to your saved list, select it in the To input field. You can scroll and select it from the dropdown or search for your list and select it.

Note: Learn more about sending communications with Faithlife.


You can create printables like address labels, directories, name badges, and more using saved lists. To begin, expand Reporting in the Admin panel of your Faithlife group and click Create printable. Next, choose your exportable type. Using the dropdown, select your saved list.

Note: Learn more about creating printables.

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