Check-In Kiosk Mode

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Kiosk mode lets an admin or moderator open up a public-facing kiosk to allow unauthenticated check-in while protecting your data. Set up a self-service check-in station for any event on your church or subgroup calendar in three steps.

  1. Create and Configure an Event.
  2. Set up a Kiosk.
  3. Launch a Kiosk.

Note: Alternatively, you can run check in/out while actively signed in as an Admin or Moderator with Roster Check-In/Out. This admin-facing method gives you access to your entire church database during check-in and enables admin tools and data for a quicker and more customized process.

Create and Configure an Event

In order to conduct check-in, you’ll first need to create an event on your group’s calendar. You can create an event either from Calendar in the Community panel or from Event Management in the Admin panel. In either location, click Add Event in the top right-hand corner.

Note: You can also edit an existing event. Once editing the event, go to #2 below to configure check-in for your event. Learn more about creating events in Faithlife.


1. Add event details.

If your event is repeating (e.g., Sunday School), mark it as repeating. You’ll only need to configure check-in once for the series and it will be available to you each week.


2. Toggle “Event contains classes”

At the bottom of the event, toggle Event contains classes to Yes. This feature enables you to add classes and check people into your event.


3. Add individual classes for check-in.

Each class in your event can check people in as they arrive.

  1. Click Add Class.
  2. Provide class details.
    You can limit which names will display in the check-in window with the filters. Create your own custom filter or pick from a saved list.

    Note: Your filter or list selection only sets a default for your event check-in. During the check-in process, you can search to check-in others who don’t meet your default filter/list or create new person records for new attendees.

    Add as many classes as you need. For instance, if your event is a Sunday School hour, add classes for each class you want to track (e.g., 1st–3rd grade, teens, adults, etc.). To edit an existing class, select it from the list and make your changes.

  3. Review the label printing options. Click the box next to the option to change default printing options. You can also change the number of labels printed, if desired. Click Done when finished.


4. Create the event.

To finalize your event, click Create. You can always edit your event or edit/add classes in the future.


Set up a Kiosk

Kiosks allow check-in without the need to sign in or have a Faithlife account. However, a group admin or administrator must create and launch them. Learn more about group roles. Kiosk mode allows check-ins for any class one hour before class starts.

  1. Expand Event Management in the Admin panel and choose Kiosks.


  2. Click Add Kiosk.


  3. Provide a title and choose your desired kiosk mode. You can choose between Self-Service and Manned kiosk modes. Self-Service mode will be used most often by families who have checked in before, whereas Manned kiosk mode allows a volunteer to walk newcomers through the check-in process quickly as easily.



  4. If desired, tick the box next to Auto refresh kiosk after 60 seconds of inactivity. Auto refreshing ensures the removal of the last check-in’s data from the screen. You can adjust the auto-refresh timer by clicking 60 and selecting from the available options.



  5. Click Done to save.


    Note: Edit previously-created kiosks by selecting a kiosk, changing the details, and clicking Done.


Launch a Kiosk

Group admins or moderators can launch any kiosk. Once you launch a kiosk, it signs you out of your Faithlife account and displays a self-service kiosk for check-in.

  1. Expand Event Management in the Admin panel and choose Kiosks.


  2. Select Launch Kiosk.


  3. Choose your desired kiosk from the dropdown list.


  4. Click Launch.


Check-In Kiosk Options

Once your kiosk is launched, parents (for children’s classes) or event attendees can check-in with an email or phone number as they arrive.


  • If there is no record of the email or phone number in your database, the parent/attendee can add their information and then check in.
  • If there is a record of the email or phone number in your database, the kiosk will display a list of everyone in that family.


Complete Check-In

Select everyone in the family who needs to be checked-in and click Check in.

Note: Click Select all to select everyone in the family quickly.


Add People to a Family

Click Add person to check in a family member who doesn’t appear in the list. Fill out details for the family member, including allergy information. Select Add another to add an additional family member’s details. Repeat until all family members are entered and click Done.


Additional Options

Click the edit icon to access additional options.


  • Multiple check-ins: If the child/attendee is checking into multiple events at the same time, they can choose additional check-in options with the Add Check In dropdown.
  • Label printing options: By default, kiosk check-in prints one label. To print multiple labels (e.g., one for the child, one for the child’s bag, and one for the adult, etc.), select “2” or “3” under # of Labels. At this time, label printing is supported using certain Dymo printers and Zebra printers.  
  • Remove check-in: To remove a check in, click the delete icon .
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