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Embed Your Church Directory on Your Faithlife Site

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Members of your Website Team can add your member-facing Directory to your Faithlife Site by adding a Directory Widget. It will be visible only to those who are signed in and have permission to view the Directory in your Faithlife group. Learn how to set permissions for who can view your Directory.

Note: Learn more about using your online Church Directory.

1. Enter edit mode on your site.

Navigate to your site, click Sign In in the top right-hand corner of the webpage, and select Edit Site.

2. Add a new widget.

Click the Add Widget icon to include a new widget on your site. The new widget icons will appear when you hover your mouse over the webpage.

Pro Tip: Because your Directory will be visible only to those who are signed in and have permission to view your Directory in your Faithlife group, consider creating a members-only page for your Directory. Learn more about members-only pages.

Scroll down and chose the Directory widget.

3. Configure the Directory Widget.

Add a title for the widget. By default, every Person Record shows in a list. We recommend filtering either by tags (i.e., custom-created identifiers) or roles (e.g., member, regular attender, etc.). Since your Directory on shows only members and regular attenders, it’s a good place to start.

A number of other options display:

  • Records per page: Set how many records display in each page. Pagination indicators provide additional pages if needed.
  • Fields to show: Each checked field will display in your widget.
  • Layout options: Choose either to show your Directory Widget as a grid or a list.

When you’re finished, click Save.

Note: You can include multiple Directory widgets throughout your site. Because you can limit them to show your custom tags or to show only certain roles at your church, you can use them to create different experiences. For instance, you can set a member-facing page called “Directory” to show all members and regular attenders (like your Directory on If you have tagged your ministry leaders with a custom “Ministry Leader” tag, you can create another widget on your leadership page that shows only ministry leaders.

4. Publish your changes.

Once you finalize the page, click Publish changes to make your changes live.

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