What is the difference between a subgroup and a team?

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Faithlife has the tools you need for everything your church does. Subgroups and teams offer two different ways to manage groups of people. While they have some similarities, the primary difference rests in what they allow you to do.


Subgroups work as smaller communities within your church—like small groups, book clubs, or a youth group. Each group and subgroup has its own content, membership, and permissions. This means you can set subgroups' privacy separate from the rest of your group and assign someone as an admin of a subgroup without making them an admin of the entire group.

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Teams, on the other hand, have oversight of specific aspects of your church. Joining a team often grants team members special access to content. For example, those on your Presentation Team can log into Proclaim to view, edit, and run your presentations, those on your Finance Team can view your church’s giving data, and those on your Website Team can modify your website through Faithlife Sites. Like with subgroups, each team has its own content, membership, and permissions.

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