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Create a Website Team

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Admins or Moderators of your main church group or members of your Website Team and edit and update your website. Generally speaking, it’s best to grant only the permissions someone needs rather than adding multiple Admins or Moderators of your church group. For this reason, we strongly recommend using Teams to distribute permissions.

By default, when you create a Faithlife Site, a website team is created for you. If you don’t have a website team, you can create one manually and assign people to the team to give them the permissions to edit and update your site.

Note: Learn more about using Teams.

1. Add a new team.

Admins or Moderators of your main church group can add and manage teams. Click the plus icon in the Teams panel to create a new team.

2. Add a Website Team.

Scroll down to the Add New Teams table and search to locate the Website team option. Check the row and click Add.

3. Assign others to your team.

The Teams management area allows you to add members to teams. Click Add members, add people in the popup input field, and click Assign.

In the future, your Website Team will also be visible in the Teams panel of your main church group.

Note: Learn more about assigning people to your team.

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