Team Prospects

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Teams let church groups on Faithlife organize ministries and distribute permissions. When your team type focuses on ministry to a particular segment of your church, your team will display a list of Prospects from your People Records.

Note: View a full list of teams that benefit from a Prospects Report.

Prospects are people in your church database who may benefit from your team’s ministry, but lack enough information in their records for the system to be able to identify them as Constituents. The Prospects report acts as a checklist for Admins or Moderators of your team to provide more detail on Person Records. Ideally, the report is empty for each team as you continue to add more details for each Person Record in your church database.

Team members, Constituents, and Prospects help you organize your ministry to your team:

  • Team Members: Assign those who will organize and run your ministry. Learn more.
  • Constituents: A report showing people in your church database likely to benefit from your team’s ministry. Learn more.
  • Prospects: A report showing people in your church database with insufficient details on their records.

Note: To get the most out of the Prospects tool, your church will need a Faithlife Equip subscription.

1. Open Your Team.

To locate your team’s Prospects, go to, sign in, and select your team in the left-hand sidebar.

Note: You can also find your team by navigating to your main church group and selecting your team in the Teams panel.

2. Open the Prospects tab.

Select Prospects in the Admin panel of your team.

Note: You must be an Admin or Moderator of your team to view the Admin panel.

3. Provide additional details.

Reasons for inclusion in the report show above the table. For each Person record in the Prospects report, a team Admin or Moderator who is also an Admin or Moderator of the parent church group may provide more details.

As you add relevant information, the people will no longer show in the Prospects report. If their updated record now matches the default filter for the team, they will show in your Constituents report.

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